MITC: What it is and What it is not?

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We are Stephen Ian Adap and Florence M. Crispino, students of EDUC 190. MITC has been our “home” from 8am to 11:30am, wednesdays and fridays. It is where our presentations, reports, and discussions take place. It may seem “oldy” computer classroom but due to the help of our professor we’ve managed to keep ourselves at pace on every issues and instructional materials and resources that would help us cater the educational needs of our 21st century students. With that being said, we are in need of an upgrade of the class. This is indeed helpful in maximizing our learning in the classroom.

Help us make our learning environment better. Godspeed.

Back to the Future

The Model Information Technology Classroom (or MITC, for short) was established February 13, 1998 with the intention of being THE epitome of a computer-supported learning environment, or what is often seen as the FUTURE of learning. Not for today, however.

The MITC has long been in need of renovation in order to carry out its original aims. Here is our call to achieve this. Together, let us take the MITC out of the jurassic ages and bring it back to the future. Together, let us #helpMITC.